Friday, October 26, 2007

Concentric DONE!

I finished my concentric squares!

Lap blanket and reading, a perfect combination.

I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out. There's one section that throws off the true concentricity, but on the whole, it is square-like, which I wasn't sure if I'd achieve when I started out.

My thoughts on picking up stitches, if anyone's interested:
-Don't worry about how many stitches you pick up. I had an idea of how many stitches I'd need with the new yarn, and if I picked up too many or two few, it an easy problem to fix that didn't seem to affect the knit of the lap blanket.
-Don't worry about exactly which stitches you pick up. There are probably some "classic, good knitting" thoughts on this subject, but I just talked to Hannah a bit and then started with the picking. So I wasn't sure if there was a good side or a good angle or anything like that for picking up stitches, and of course once I developed a method for one edge, it would be different on an edge that wasn't knit in the same direction. However, despite all these inconsistencies and uncertainties on my part, the knitting turned out just fine! I find comfort in this fact.

I'd love to hear more thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

I have some more thoughts about weaving in and whether I'd recommend concentric squares to anyone, but maybe I'll save that for a future post. (Or maybe I'll get real creative and start a new project!)


HEB said...

I love how artsy this photo is! Well done, Wamper! It inspires me to aim for new heights in photographing my knitting. (Although I'm not sure I can achieve these heights....)

CH said...

Well done, Wamps! I don't believe I've ever meaningfully attempted to pick up stitches (it's entirely possible that I've done so unintentionally when something bad happened), so I'd love a tutorial some time!