Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Strangers with Knitting

I recently took a plane trip, and as all good knitters know, airports are the perfect knitting venue.

So I was working from the pattern shown in the picture, and a fellow knitter comes over and starts asking me questions. She's getting a little tired of the normal knit scarf, and was hoping I could tell her what I was doing so she could try a variation. While I didn't feel very confident in doing that (seriously, look at the picture. It took me internet research+Hannah to figure some of that out.), we did talk a bit about good knitting resources and knitting in general.

I really do love how knitting creates this sense of community with people who I otherwise wouldn't interact with at all. (Though I admit: I love this blog's knitting community the best.)

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HEB said...

KZ should tell her story about knitting over thai and the conversation that followed. I would do it, but don't want to steal her thunder.