Monday, July 21, 2008


What once was this:

Now is this:
What happened? I wore it to church and while making brunch and it bagged out enough to look like this:

I was actually pretty proud of this tank, as I thought the design was nice (V in back or in front? You decide!) and I'd done a really good job of finishing it, so I decided it deserved a re-do. And there were definitely things that weren't perfect about the first version, so I'm almost happy to have a chance to get it right. It's also been kinda soothing to my currently overtaxed mind to frog it. (Just for the record, I did not make up the etymology of frog.) If only all of my mistakes were this easy to fix!

Happy (belated) Birthday, CH!


Emily's Mom said...

It is a nice tank pattern. Why do you think it bagged so much, and what are you doing differently in the redo? Was the yarn all cotton? Cotton doesn't have much elasticity. You might try knitting a fine strand of something stretchier into it (sounds counterintuitive - but the more elastic fibres bounce back to original shape better when stretched)

Sometimes it seems like you unknit more than you knit - but that's not possible! I'm working on a lace sampler scarf that I've torn out and redone large sections of.

I had about half finished a fair isle wool vest when I lost my bag on the Metro. I liked the pattern so much that I ordered replacement yarn - and a month later the bag resurfaced (it had been in the lost and found all along - but I missed the notification that they had found it.) I was more upset about the lost knitting than the Blackberry or $4500 endorsed check that were also in the lost bag.

Elizabeth said...

I am impressed with your decision making in undoing all your work just to do it again. Bravo!

That yarn looks lovely, and fun to work with, so hopefully it'll work out the second time.

However, your trials and tribulations (while no doubt common and to be expected) are not the most encouraging to potential sweater knitters. Maybe I'll stick with mittens instead....

HEB said...

The yarn is a merino/sea cell, so I'm not sure why it bagged. I thought it would be springy enough, but... It was actually relatively baggy before I wore it, so I'm reknitting it about 20% smaller. I love the idea of knitting a thin stretchier yarn in and will definitely do that if just making it smaller doesn't work... unfortunately, I'm already far enough along on the reknit that it's too late for this version.

I can't wait to see the fair isle vest! I am sending good vibes to whatever good citizen turned it into the lost and found!