Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Socks and a new Project

It was so much fun to meet my fellow knitters over New Years at our house!

Here at last are the four pairs of socks I knit for my family for Christmas. I finished John's second sock last weekend and he is wearing them enthusiastically!

First I knit David's socks from some of the yarn I received for Christmas last year. The narrow self striping yarn did interesting things at the short rows at the heels and toes.

Next I knit Abigail's from handdyed sock yarn I bought in Baltimore when I went to Stitches East. The yarn was called FrogParty.

Next I knit Emily's, also from hand dyed yarn I bought at Stitches East, but a more complicated pattern now that I have the hang of socks.

It turned out not to be very stretchy around the legs, though (actually not stretchy at all) but they fit OK.

And Finally, John's - plain navy blue wool from my stash, with just a little bit of a pattern. He says they are very warm.

So now I've started on the scarf from the luxury skein of merino/alpaca/silk yarn I bought at Stitches East. I've joined Ravelry and posted my project there. (mmchurchman)

I love what the yarn is doing on my second try with a shorter row (pattern from Ravelry!) I've also discovered a community of lunchtime knitters at DOT where I work and I joined them for a while today.


HEB said...

I love themed Christmas knitting! And I really wish that I had a group of knitters to share lunch with.

It was so much fun to see your beautiful yarn over NYE and I'm looking forward to watching your scarf develop. The geometric patterning is amazing!

Elizabeth said...

This post makes my feet feel warm and cozy. I can't wait to see what your scarf looks like when all of that lovely yarn is knit up!

Raima said...

Wow, that last piece is SO beautiful - in person as well as in this photo. Thanks for including photos of your knitting. It's very inspiring to us beginners! :)