Saturday, October 31, 2009

the problem with not procrastinating

Is that when you *really* love Christmas gifts that you've already finished, you have trouble not believing that you couldn't keep them for yourself and still have time to make the recipients new gifts.Unfortunately, for me, knitting is one of the few things that takes just as long whether I leave it until the last minute or not. But I think I'm going to hide these, just so I forget how much I like them. Or maybe I will gift them early.

(For the record, this particular gift is only about 90% done. But I feel the same way about another gift that is all ready to go.) (Also for the record, that is Plucky's new 4-ply cashmere in Elegant Flannel. It might be the softest thing in the world.)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I thought I'd dreamed this post!

Those mittens ARE the softest thing ever. But I think you should knit yourself a pair of gloves post-Christmas knitting. Maybe in 4-ply cashmere though? Yes/yes?