Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Day After Thankgiving

Jellyroll is helping me knit.

An elderly friend asked me to help her with a hat she was knitting (La Parisienne beret) and she had gone so far astray I decided I had to knit the hat first myself to see what the pattern was supposed to be doing. It will serve for my Secret Santa gift to take to my office holiday party.

And here's the beret, after I steam blocked it over a dinner plate.


HEB said...

That's a lovely beret! What yarn did you use?

Churchma said...

It was some of the leftover yarn from my Metro vest - a not quite worsted weight 100% wool. Actually the pinkish yarn is the skein I decided not to use for the vest because I didn't like the color and found a better rose.

Churchma said...

The blog fairy fixed my post to put the pictures in the right sequence. Thanks! I couldn't get them to move.