Tuesday, December 15, 2009

thinking about leaving town

I had thought that I had packed all the knitting I could possibly need over Thanksgiving, but I found myself longing for something super simple and gratifying. Thank goodness for the lovely Lakeside Fibers and KZ's help picking colors for a quick baby hat.

I sewed in the ends as we drove to the airport for my flight back to the East Coast, so I could leave this cutie there just in case it's needed before I return.

For those of you who are traveling soon, what are your knitting plans?


Valerie said...

this is beautiful!! i don't know exactly why, but i'm in love with it! great colors. also, you knit crazily perfect stitches, HEB.

CH said...

Nice hat, HEB! I love the colors, too, and I think that a baby hat is the perfect easy and gratifying project. I plan to tell you all about my traveling knitting projects at New Year's. Can you stand the suspense?

kzwick said...

I have moved along to the neck warmer on your suggestion. I did not get round needles because I'm lazy and cheap. it's been a headache, but it's moving along. Maybe I will finally have something to talk about here sometime soon.

Elizabeth said...

Those colors are so awesome! Babies rock. So do quick knitting projects, yay.

I would shake my finger and CH and kzwick and encourage them to actually blog to the blog....but I've been so incredibly lax myself that I have no ground to stand on. * Hearts * to you guys.

HEB said...

Thanks, everyone!

Val: you wouldn't find my stitches to be so perfect if I'd photographed where I carried the yarn up the side...
CH: Post your knitting plans! I cannot wait until NYE!
KZ: Thanks for the yarn-choosing help. Am looking forward to seeing the striped set soon.
Wamps: Post to the blog!