Monday, May 31, 2010

Ishbel and an Injection of Color

Ishbel in Plucky SMF, Nora Charles (rav link)

A little neck warmer/shawlette for my Mom's birthday. (Shh, don't tell.) 

Also, spy that bit of orange in the upper left?  Yep, I sewed myself some new curtains!  I remember why I quit sewing back in college (oh my god, the inexplicable behavior of thread!  STOP GETTING TANGLED, THANKS.), but I love these curtains so much!!    They have brightened up my living room amazingly.


HEB said...

Whoa, when did that Ishbel transpire? Lovely.

Also, you have made me think that there might be curtains that I wouldn't hate. Which might be a good solution for my room. Perhaps I should look into this.

kzwick said...

christmas lights and bay windows are very "you" in my head. still waiting for pics of the whole apartment...

Elizabeth said...


I have tried taking pictures of the apartment, but they are really awful photographs. Not quite sure why.