Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Knitting

I knit this quicky "gathered pullover" in just about a month, starting on a car ride to Philadelphia on 9/11. The Berocco "Jasper" wool is really soft and warm and the pattern is totally simple stockinette except for a complex cable that brings it in under the bust and gives it a nice fit. I bought the yarn because I fell in love with it, and found the pattern on Ravelry.

About the same time, I also made a scarf of Malabrigo worsted - Emerald Blue. I really like the pattern RIVULET (from Interweave - because it is totally reversable and is an interesting ribbed cable. Very thick and warm. I love Malabrigo yarns. I was looking for another pattern and yarn for a sweater when I found the worsted the the Jasper in my local knitting shop. Later I found the pattern and yarn I really wanted on line and am working on that sweater now.


Elizabeth said...

Love the cabling on that pullover--it looks stylish and comfy, and a malabrigo scarf in a lovely shade of blue!

HEB said...

Perhaps not surprisingly, I'm crazy about that blue scarf! I'm also super jealous about your ability to knit sweaters that fit well; this one looks great!