Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sky Didn't Know What to Do

So I've recently been obsessed with reading about quilting.  Something about the idea of piecing in particular really appeals to me (at least in theory) so this weekend I finally decided to try my hand at a wonky log cabin pillow case.

Log cabin pillow

I had two bright orange fat quarters from when I was browsing in the fabric store in December and my sister gave me a set of darker but pretty fat quarters from Purl Soho.  These are the purple shades from that set, and I like how they look together.

Here's the close up shot.

This was a pretty easy project, though I'm not entirely satisfied with how it turned out.  I think it's harder to do wonky and make it look purposeful and not accidental that it should be, but for my first real piecing attempt, I thought it was alright.  I really should make another pillow case to match this one, as I'm giving it as a gift, but while it wasn't hard, it did take most of my evening yesterday, and I kind of would like to get something else done today.  We'll see...


HEB said...

Do you have to give this away? I really enjoy how it looks on your couch there with the curtains in the background.

Also: well done to the sis on the dark fat quarters. I'm very partial to that fabric with the larger black flowers on it.

Also: creepy double posting after weeks of silence!

Elizabeth said...

I know. I was in the middle of posting when I saw...that you had already posted. TOO LATE, I said to myself.

The orange actually is a lighter shade than the orange of my curtains, so I think it's best it find another home.

Hmm, good to know you like that fabric.

megan said...


Rachel Hauser said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge. I agree the colors are very nice together.