Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little this and that

First up, some knitting that has been sitting around, waiting for me to mail it to its future owners.

Baby hats!

And the silliest socks ever. (Yoga socks, missing the heal and the toe.)  Apologies for the flashy picture.

And finally, a proud moment for me, the quilt top is done!  I still need to make a back (I am tempted to just go and buy an appropriately sized single length of fabric.  Actually, I may just do that....), and then do the sandwiching and the quilting and the binding, but I feel more confident that this will be done before its intended baby grows up entirely.  I am less confident I will start and finish the other quilt I want to make before that baby is born, but we'll see.


megan said...

wow, a quilt top!! so impressive!

HEB said...

I am really excited to see that finished quilt. Quilt faster, Wamper!

And are those duplicate stitches on the blue hat or what?

Elizabeth said...

Duplicate stitches?

Umm, that hat was not planned out at all, so the red stitches are somewhat random, and not quite in the pattern that would have been my ideal. But it seemed good enough for a baby hat.

Quilting: SIGH. I made a tiny bit of progress this weekend. Nothing to show though...