Friday, November 11, 2011

Ain't Got No Silver

What to do when you run out of yarn and aren't sure if more exists in the world?

Adam's Point Hoodie

I started knitting this version of Ysolda's Peaks Island Hoodie at the beginning of October and am about halfway through the hood decreases (meaning, maybe three quarters of the way done), and I am TOTALLY out of yarn.

I used two skeins of Plucky MCN in finger, held double, and got gauge pretty well with size 9 needles, and while I thought that the combination of my generally tight knitting + two skeins of yarn would get me through, but clearly no.  Sigh.

So I posted to Ravelry asking for yarn, but I think the best may be to either find a colorway that is pretty close OR a colorway that is totally different.  Neither option appeals.  I could also rip it out, but there's really nothing I hate more.


HEB said...

Kid, I'm so sorry about this. What a headache! I feel like the only solution is to use a contrasting color, unless you luck out on Ravelry. I'm sure it will still look lovely, even if it wasn't your original vision.

Elizabeth said...


I know! I think I will probably just let it sit in the corner for a while (think about what it's done, etc.) I think I'd be more apt to do a contrast color but I was enjoying what I thought would be my neutral colored scarf, so I'm hesitant to go that route. I have also been thinking that it'd be super super lovely in Shelter, but again: don't really feel like reknitting the whole thing. OH WELL, we will see.

HEB said...

What about a contrast color that's also a neutral? A darker gray or a cream?