Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birds singin' in the sycamore tree

Not much progress on any knitting fronts with me these days, but I am a wash away from sending off the baby quilt I made for V.  Here are a couple of camera phone pictures.


Also made a really sweet little baby hat for A&C that I'm hoping to see in action very shortly!  It's Be Sweet yarn, and came with a handy little pattern on the back that I mostly ignored.

I also made a bearded hat for my brother-in-law for Christmas, but the pictures I have of it are WAY too embarrassing to share here.  Sorry folks.

And finally, though I know it belongs elsewhere, I have to rec this bread recipe.  It's a good weekend bread, what with the rising and punching and rising, etc that it needs, but it's delicious and pretty easy.  It has molasses and carrots and cocoa and coffee, but they all blend together to create a real flavorful but subtle bread. I've swapped out the rye flour for whole wheat and forgotten the caraway seeds and replaced the butter with vegan margarine, and it's been good everytime.  Oh, and the amount of yeast called for = one packet, if you buy your yeast in packets and not jars.


megan said...

what a lovely quilt!

HEB said...

Love the quilt! (Almost, but not quite, enough to produce a child.) I have also long meant to make one of those Be Sweet hats so am delighted to see one on the blog. I've always gotten stuck on what colorway to choose since I love them all so much.

HEB said...

Also: did you share pics of the bearded hat on googleplus? If so, you might as well share them here.

Elizabeth said...

Did I share them on google plus? Horrors. I should get my BIL to take a picture, because the ones of me....eesh.