Sunday, June 24, 2012

we are travelers, only passing through

Thanks to CH, my yarn will be well protected as it heads 3000 miles west and relaxes in storage while awaiting a longer-term home. 

I have four projects that aren't headed to storage: a Paulie that now just needs sleeves, a Rocky Coast cardigan with Plucky rustic, a baby-sized sylvan afghan, and that celebratory project that I mentioned weeks ago.  Any southside knitters interested in a summertime KAL?  I'm hoping that focusing on these four will prevent me from buying yarn in every state along the way, and would love company on whatever knitting strikes your fancy!


Elizabeth said...

A true friend will help pack up your yarn in Orla bags, for sure.

I'd definitely be up to KAL this baby sweater.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, or my neverending lace scarf!

HEB said...

Perfect; I lurve having company! Do you have any pictures of either? One of my projects is destined to be a neverending lace project, too.