Thursday, July 11, 2013

2012 finally on Ravelry

After much procrastinating, I finally posted four 2012 projects on Ravelry this morning - Original Design, Cozy Green Cables, Necktie Christmas, and Pashmina Sweater. Some of those might really have been 2011. Not that being mother-of-the-bride took any of my time or emotional energy in recent months. It was great to see you all at the wedding. I also posted one of my four projects in progress - Three Button Cardigan. I really thought I would spend more time knitting after I retired, but it didn't work out that way. For the first six months I hardly knit at all. But now I'm going gangbusters. It doesn't help that I agreed to be superintendant of the Art Needlework and Wearing Apparel department of the competitive exhibits at the Arlington County Fair, which has required me to visit yarn and fabric and needlepoint stores in search of leads for qualified judges. The only judge last year was in advanced stages of Alzheimers - except for brief flashes of lucidity when she could spot the microscopic flaws in only my entries. I love handpainted yarn. Have you all discovered Freia? I haven't tried the ombre colorways yet, but they look like fun for self striping.

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HEB said...

I was so surprised to see *any* entry on the knitting blog that I missed this one, while reading your more recent entry. (Goodness, do I miss google reader!) I'm excited to see what the Freia will turn into. I've a skein of beautiful handpainted yarn from our east coast adventure that I'm hoping to use for Christmas knitting.

You've also reminded me that I do have finished projects that haven't made the blog yet so I need to aim to get those posted.