Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crocheters Unite

in the new year, the children i teach at church are going to learn how to crochet. it was going to be knitting but it was decided that crochet would be easier. funny thing is that i'm going to have to teach them, so i'll post some of my feeble attempts at it up here (hijacking the knitting blog a bit). The photo is the "sample" blanket that was made to demonstrate what we would be doing, and it's displayed on my quality dorm bed. Stay tuned to see how my version turns out. laughing comments are acceptable.


HEB said...

Nice! I was hoping we'd see some crocheters here. And what better time to pick up fiber crafts than during your quarantine! I am amazed, though, that they let you bring crochet hooks onto the base.

RJ, I'm sure Samir, a talented crocheter who's part of the southsideknitting community, would be happy to provide advice as you build your crochet skills.

CH said...

Teaching children to crochet sounds awesome! I recently tried to teach a 5 year old boy how to knit. He decided after 2 stitches that he was going to wait until he is 12, 13, or 20 to learn to knit (after all, it is just too hard). But, whenever I babysit him now he asks me if I am going to use my "sticks" to "sew" for him.

I look forward to more posts about your crocheting adventures!