Wednesday, December 5, 2007

gift knitting (part 2)

Here's the latest installment in gifts for my recommenders: pictures of the mittens from a hat-and-mitten set. My camera was acting wonky, so I only got a few pictures of the mittens before it decided to quit, and no pictures of the hat. But the hat is a pattern that I knit for KZ last year, so maybe I'll snap some pictures of hers at some point. The hat pattern is from Knitting Nature, one of my favorite pattern books. I made up the mitten pattern to match the hat. (If you can imagine, the hat has this same motif repeated five times, plus bobbles along the brim.) The yarn is Cascade 220 and I *think* that my recommender will really like the color. It photographed a little less bright than it actually is.


CH said...

These mittens are awesome! I would love to get the pattern from you. You have one lucky recommender!

Elizabeth said...

Those long ribbed cuffs make my wrists happily warm just looking at them.