Sunday, February 17, 2008

hope yet

after the "boat" experiment below i gave up crocheting for a week and a half. however, to take my mind off being pepper sprayed and kill some time i picked up the needle and got a pointer from one of my classmates this past wednesday. anyways, you can see that it actually came out fairly rectangular and pretty decent. i gave it to this girl at church for a blanket for barbie or whatever.
2/24 update.
and this is what i came up with this past week. the first one is a big rectangle using single crochet, the smaller rectangle is my newly learned skill of double crochet. look for the obligatory scarf to be posted next (give me a month or so).

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HEB said...

It's really fun to see your crochet skills grow, RJ. I haven't gotten over, though, my shock that you crochet at the compound in pastel yarns. And that you have a classmate who helped teach you. I honestly feel a lot better about the FBI if it's evolving into an agency where fiber arts are valued. Thanks for being a trend-setter!