Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Magical Hat of My Dreams

When I went to the sale at that knitting store in Chicago, I knew I wanted to buy some Noro yarn, and I thought I might buy something matching so I could attempt to make this hat. I fully expected to fail completely. But I was looking forward to doing something else with the yarn.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out like so. I think I might have knit this in a little over a week. Granted, there were three full days of flying and lots of sitting around time in there, but STILL. Double stranded hat!!

I would like to thank those people in the world who received my first attempts at double stranded knitting last year around this time in such good humor. Those projects (no pictures, thank goodness) really did teach me about everything that could go wrong with this kind of knitting and pattern, and apparently the lessons stuck.

Pattern from
Just a note: I never did stretch the hat out over a plate. Honestly, I kept expecting it to fall apart during the first couple days of its completion, and then the semester took over my life. But I like as it, quite a bit.

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HEB said...

This hat is so embarrassingly beautiful! I really can't sum up how lovely it is. It looks quite similar to the tams that my mom made when she knit, which I've always thought were impossibly pretty. If the whole MUP thing doesn't work out for you, I'm pretty sure you could open a successful etsy store stocking variations on this.