Saturday, January 26, 2008

a boat?

ok, so i have started my experiment in crochet. the plan for the children at church is to each crochet some squares and we'd put it all together to make blankets. this is my first real attempt at making a rectangle, as you can see the two edges didn't turn out quite rectangular. should probably hold off on making that shawl next eh.


HEB said...

I know nothing about crochet, so maybe someone who does can pipe up... but is your issue that you're adding stitches as you go along or is it that you're crocheting looser as you go?

Anyway, right angles are so last year.

Kristy said...

In any case, you picked some pretty colors to work with. ;o) Hope it gets better with practice.

Elizabeth said...

Plus, shawls totally like angularity!