Sunday, January 20, 2008

finally finished!

Here is the final result from my wrangles with stainless steel yarn: the kusha kusha scarf.
I actually finished it over Thanksgiving but have only recently come to terms with my disappointment enough to post about it. I used this kit, ordered directly from the Habu store in New York, with stainless steel and mohair yarns. (I think I've already mentioned how pleased I was with the service from the Habu store, but I don't think it hurts to reiterated that it was amazing. )

Here's the disappointment: this was supposed to be another gift for another recommender and I investigated it carefully before starting. Through this investigation, I discovered that people generally thought that the scarf was too short once completed. So I knit it over twenty inches longer than the pattern called for. And yet, after felting, this is how long it is:
I think that I may have felted more aggressively than most people, but the end texture looks pretty similar to what's on the Habu site. Thinking really hard about my recommender, I just didn't picture her wearing a scarf this short. I played around with the idea of lengthening it, but I'm out of the stainless steel yarn and thought that the mohair would be too delicate by itself. (Yes, I could have gotten more yarn, but I'm not going to.)

The crazy thing about this project was that it was a huge, huge pain to knit (the yarn was really frustrating to work with), but I'm reasonably sure I'd try it again. I really like the texture of the section with both yarns. As I was finishing knitting it, I even thought to myself, "Wouldn't these two yarns make a really pretty boatneck top? Felted just a little, with a tank top underneath. That wouldn't be too bad to knit." Perhaps that shows how much I like the end texture, if I could totally forget how aggravating it was to knit. (And here I thought I was a process knitter!)

PS: I almost titled this post "kusha kusha kompleted" but decided that I'd go for an alliteration that would not make EW roll her eyes.


Emily's Mom said...

I saw the stainless steel yarn at Stitch DC. It really is amazing. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to knit with.
I've never tried felting (at least not intentionally - I'm wearing a sweater that used to be loose and oversized/below the hip and shrank to a cropped length that is finally fashionable.) It must be very hard to control the results.

From the picture, I think the scarf looks quite good. With the stiff texture, I'm not sure how much longer you would really want it to be.

Elizabeth said...

I appreciate your consideration where using the letter "k" to create fake alliteration is concerned.

Also, thanks for posting this despite your feelings of failure! I think a short length on a felted piece of work is probably...well, the most common issue when felting? It's what has frightened me away from the process thus far.

I will admit that I think it looks really cool, and, you know, knitting with steel is hard core.