Tuesday, April 22, 2008

some men do crochet

this is more of an amusing anecdote in between the impressive knitting being displayed on this blog.

about 9 am in the morning, sunny day, i'm sitting in my car in a very small park overlooking the water. there are about 5 other cars in the lot around me (guys fishing off the dock mostly). i'm working on the thing at the right, windows down. A guy parked next to me is walking back to his car after fishing.

Guy: (hispanic accent) You been in jail?
Me: (bewildered) huh.. no...
Guy: (points at crochet) oh cause they do that
Me: (not sure what to say) oh ok

as i told heb, at least this goes well towards my cover of not being the 5-0.

guy wasn't making it up either, there's a whole article about crochet in prison here (pdf).

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HEB said...

Maybe it's a good thing you didn't crochet when they were running your background check? I can picture a whole set of questions about where you acquired that knowledge and what crocheters you associate with...