Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pinkin' it Up

I'm really quite fond of fingerless mittens. They are so quick and easy and good for easily chilled hands.

I decided that I needed something cheerful and bright and soft, and happily turned to my Debbie Bliss Silk DK.

My first attempt involved the "Pretty Lace Handwarmers" by PurlBee. I was less than impressed. My yarn may not have been ideal for the pattern, but it was weird and not all that lacey.

So, ripped it out! Wheee.

Then I searched through ravelry one day until I found the Dragonscale Gauntlets. Amusing name, pretty pattern, done and done. There are actually a
couple of "dragonscale" variations that I thought looked interesting, but I didn't want to risk any kind of lace effect, so I avoided the ones that looked like they used yo and settled on the Gauntlets.

I didn't want them to go to my elbows as the pattern calls for, so I simply made the decreases two iterations of the pattern in a row and then jumped into the thumb section and that gave me a nice middle length. I also found that I needed to tighten my normal knitting gauge a bit to really have nicely patterned and fitting mittens.

But oh my, I do love these.


Anonymous said...
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HEB said...

I am kinda shocked at how quickly you knit these... it seems like only yesterday that I saw you'd added them to your Ravelry queue. Darn impressive, Wamps. They are a lot of fun, like all your fingerless mitts, and the color is beautiful. If I were you, I'd walk around all day looking at my forearms when I wore them.

Just in case you wanted to try out other fingerless mitts, but had no recipients in mind, don't forget your dear friend who will be studying for the bar this summer and need something to protect her hands from all of her caffeinated beverages. (wink)

Also, good choice on the olive green. Makes me wish I were a MUP. Our clinic shirts are fugly in comparison.

Emily's Mom said...

So I need a lesson. What is Ravelry?

Elizabeth said...

Short version: Ravelry is a "knit and crochet community." Members can post pictures of ongoing projects, with details about the yarn they used and where they got the pattern, and can include information on how they adjusted the pattern (or not). More here:

It's a community, and, perhaps best of all, it's all linked and searchable. You can search by yarn, by pattern, by designer. You can look at everything each member has knit (and posted about).

And then you can save these things as favorites (I like to think of "favorites" as my "maybe someday" list) or put them in your queue (ie, "to knit" list).

It's free to join, though they have a waiting list since it's run by just a couple of people.

And, in other news, it seems to be cooling down. Here's hoping the dragon mittens get some use tomorrow!

lmz said...

they are pretty mitts but it's hot again now! nice shirt btw. :D

Alice said...

hey there lmz! as far as your comment wondering about bells being up in the tree it was a very short tree....he jumps off things in his room taller than that branch he was on.

have a wide angle lens it distorts things quite a bit. he was maybe 4 feet off the ground at the most and i was right there with him, i held the camera down and snapped a couple of photos. he was up there for less than a minute. i found a couple of branches that would support his paws in a way that he would feel secure. i put him there while i stood right beside him, he was kind of curious, but i wouldn't say he wasn't crazy about.

in short he didn't seem to mind too much i stood there right beside him petting him to make sure he was comfortable and he seemed to be fine. then i held my hand down and snapped a few photos.

i've actually wondered sometimes if it seems like rabbit abuse to people who don't know how much i take into consideration before i shoot these images and how careful i am with the bunnies and quickly i shoot and where i sometimes i'll hold the camera way out away from me but i'll right next to them, thanks for your concern though. i always appreciate a mindful cautious bunny lover.

now that you mention this and i think about it more i feel like perhaps people will think it's ok to put bunnies in bunnies aren't caged bunnies and they go exploring a lot outside so their fear factor is a little different than a lot of other bunnies. but i don't want people to start putting bunnies in trees...better to err on the side of caution when it comes to these little guys. i think i'll actually go delete it right now.

thanks for visiting!!