Monday, May 19, 2008

small steps

i went through my first skein of yarn and have since been crocheting little swatches to learn different types of stitches, practice using patterns, etc... here's some of the results. the original plan was to put all these blue and orange swatches together to make some sort of thing in the Mets colors but since i don't quite have mastery over making rectangles, that plan is scratched.

the first skein of yarn scarf like thing. it's folded over, i didn't finish it off, but it's close.
here are the patterns i worked on in order of when they were made. picture is against a red lampshade if you were wondering.
this turned out to be more parallelogram than rectangle.

and then i progressed from rectangles to circles


HEB said...

Wow-- who knew that surveillance could be so productive? That orange flowery one is really fantastic. It makes me think I want to start crocheting.

RJW said...

fantastic is relative obviously, but it did come closest to looking like the picture of the pattern i was using.

Elizabeth said...

Next: find a pattern that will end up as a trapezoid.

I like the second from the bottom pattern quite a bit!

CH said...

Wow, RJ. I am uber impressed. I'll second HEB's comment about the orange flowery one being especially great. I am most impressed with your attempt at a variety of stitches and patterns.

RJW said...

all that positive reinforcement might actually motivate me to crochet something new. i'm at the point where i understand the basics and am frustrated by the more advanced stuff.