Saturday, January 30, 2010

I miss blogging, the post

Hey dudes!  I miss blogging.  And You!  But here's something I knit mostly in September, blocked in late December, and finally sent to its recipient in January.  I know.

Happily, the recipient said this was her favorite color "in the world" and that it was the best thing she'd ever received from a student.   Success!  It was really pretty, and I did have a hard time giving it up at the end.  Does someone want to knit me one of these things?  They are super easy (just knitting!) but lord, there is a lot of knitting.  This one was probably half as wide as heb's, but it still took forever.  Seriously, I even have the yarn.  Anyone have too much time on their hands???

The blocking shot:

And to conclude this post, here's a little ruffle scarf action.  I knit this in November and gave it to CEM for her most important birthday ever. 

I have wanted one of these for myself for ever as well, and I actually bought this yarn in Boston but when I started making it, I wasn't as in love, but thought the colors would suit cem, so I gifted it.  Of course, by the time it was done, I kind of wanted this one too.  But, really, so it goes.  I would happily receive one of these as well, though I probably need another skein of this yarn for it to work (malabrigo).  Less knitting though!


CH said...

Woah wamper, well done on finishing the project that requires one to have too much time on their hands, because really, who does? And the ruffle scarf = very pretty!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, well, you'll notice the time span that the "too much time" scarf took to complete....anyways, it's super pretty! Knit one for yourself! And then me!

HEB said...

That is one lucky recommender. Even if her melody was a few rows shorter than the ideal length.... And you've totally become a blocking pro.

Also, I really like how the malabrigo knit up.