Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rainy Day Posting

Been feeling contemplative and sleepy today, with the grey sky (there you are Bay Area winter!) and rainy, chilly air.  (Nothing like the winters the rest of you are facing, I know.)  So I thought I'd share a few things that have been going on with me. 

First up: a belated christmas/something present that's almost done.  I need to figure out pom poms, and then wrap it up and send it off. 

Made with more of the lovely Shelter yarn.  I really wish there were a few more colors. I think I've hit pause on my dream of a giant scarf for now--I just can't settle on any of the colors.  Maaaybe the red.  But no rush. 

I know this should go on another blog, but I'm going to wait till I have a prettier picture.  This was the first trial of my new baking stone.  Way to break it in, right?  Since then, I've used tons of cornmeal, and everything has been beautiful, but too beautiful to not eat quickly.

These aren't knitting either, but they do fall under the other craftiness category.  Pillows!  I think this will be more impressive once I have a bunch more, which hopefully will happen tomorrow.  Just need to get some pillows to actually cover first.

And finally, the thing I couldn't stop myself from starting, even though I have other knitting commitments that I should focus on first. I had to do a  bunch of trial runs before I could settle down for the real thing, but I think I'm nearly ready to go.  So pretty!  So exciting!


megan said...

Pillows! Amaaazing :)

kzwick said...

2 comments. (1) Pillows, something I need to do, if only I knew how to sew. and (2) I looked at this first in a teeny tiny window and spent a few seconds trying to figure out what knitted item was pictured second (yes, I look at the pics first, yes that makes me a somewhat terrible person)

Elizabeth said...

Pillows are easy! I'll try posting to the tutorial I found, and then you can do it too.

Also: hahaha. Yeah, these pictures are all pretty dark too, so I can see there being some confusion.

HEB said...

Oh man, I love that bird fabric. Want to make me some pillows, too?

I'm looking forward quite a bit to seeing that second knitting project. Will you post some WIP pictures as it goes?