Tuesday, January 18, 2011

running out of yarn hasn't stopped me yet

I actually finished some of my Christmas gifts by Epiphany this year, largely because I didn't put as many on my list as last year. (We'll see about some of those last-year-gifts getting done by Valentine's Day, okay? Okay?) But I didn't manage to finish these two in time to gift them in person, which really disappointed me. Luckily, the recipients didn't mind as much.

For my grandma, I was so inspired by this cowl that I forgot that I have a really hard time finishing garter stitch log cabin squares.
Albers Cowl, knit in various colors of Plucky MCN fingering. Ravelry details here. I ran out of several colors of yarn, leading to interesting (and time-consuming) modifications. I am glad that my grandma likes it as much as she does, because that was the only thought that got me through it.

For my grandpa, I knit the popular Turn A Square pattern out of Plucky Cashmere fingering. (Ravelry details here) I had to modify the pattern for the thinner yarn and then had to modify again when it became clear that I was going to run out of Rustica, the brown yarn. But every grandpa loves an ombre, right?
(And thanks to both my parents for modeling these before they were mailed off. After my dad modeled the hat, it was strongly suggested that he probably needed a similar one to line his Christmas hat from last year... I accepted this as the price for asking someone to model cashmere and did knit a liner out of the leftover blue yarn, but got no pictures before sewing it in the old hat and returning it to my dad.)


Elizabeth said...

Yay, these are gorgeous! That's such an ingenious idea for a cowl, and yet I have no desire to pick up that many stitches. Glad you knit it so I can heart it on ravelry though.

My Christmas knitting (2010, not 2009, let's be serious) is slllow. I forgot a repeat on a cabled hat that meant I had to do some ripping. ANd then I managed to do no knitting tonight. Hmmm.

HEB said...

So I probably should have mentioned that trying on my grandpa's hat as I went convinced me that you are totally right about knitting longer hats. Having warm ears is a wonderful thing!