Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mama said there'd be days like this....

I am having a totally fed up with the world kind of week.

Tuesday a 2 hour bus ride took 6 hours. Yesterday I had a conference call that was uninterupted by Harvard's snow day (a once in a decade occurrence, apparently). Unfortunately, instead of the scheduled 2 hours, we went for 4+ hours. When a meeting will stretch to fill the time it has, and everyone is snowed in... well, you get the idea. Today, more frustration and bad mood. I decided on my work break this afternoon that perhaps posting some knitting pictures would put me in a better mood.

I was going to go through my yarn this weekend and basically thought I should get rid of it all since I haven't knitted in months, and my yarn is just cluttering up the closet. Then I saw my pink scarf. It's the scarf that was my first knitting project. It taught me that knitting a single color scarf is actually a horrible beginner's project, because it takes so long!! I never finished it. I saw it this weekend, and decided to finish it. Voila! (Still need to sew in some ends)

The most amusing thing is that my gauge has clearly changed since I started knitting. Much larger now, and (thankfully) more consistent. I tried to show in picture the line where you can see the gauge change, but not sure it came out.

Next I saw some cotton yarn. A look through Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and I found little kid cotton hats. Perfect! I started this a few days ago, and knitted like crazy as stress relief last night. I'm quite happy with the result, given I thought I had sworn off knitting.

While I'm not really one to distinguish "boy" and "girl" things for kids (we get enough gender indoctrination in life), I am thinking of making one of these for my friend's son who is 12 mos, and I'm not sure how she'd feel about the bow. Any thoughts on making it more baby-masculine?

I also wonder you thoughts on i-cords. This was my first two stitch i-cord, and I didn't like it. I think the 3 stitch i-cord looks much nicer, and I can make it much more consistent. Your thoughts?I definitely have an improved mood from posting this! Yay for happy knitting blogs!


HEB said...

Val, I love the gauge-change picture! I wish that I had a scarf like that to show people who were learning to knit: it would be so inspiring. Most of all, I love that your very first project got you back to knitting again!

Re: the bow for the baby boy. I'm not sure that it bothers me, but you could just do an i-cord band without the bow by either sewing the ends together or by starting with a provisional cast on and then grafting the ends together. (I can't remember making 2-stitch i-Cord but it sounds fiddly. I'd stick to 3 unless it will be too thick.)

Elizabeth said...

Yay for posting and knitting improving moods! How many potential knitters have been defeated by it, I wonder? Way to set it down and pick it back up once you know better!

Churchma said...

I think the bow looks almost nautical - quite jaunty for a little boy.

Thinking of giving up knitting sounds like depression at work - and amazingly - knitting conquers depression. When work is at its worst knitting is most satisfying - to see a project quickly from beginning to end and to have total control over it!