Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Knitting

My needles have been flying! I finished the Malabrigo Rios sweater (Indiecita) that I fell in love with in an ad in Interweave last fall. (It actually called for Silky Merino but I couldn't find any at the time) One thing I love about this sweater is that it is oversized and stretchy. Really comfy.

I interupted work on that project to knit a hat and scarf for Emily's birthday. She found the pattern from a friend whose hat she admired and we picked out the yarn together online. It turned out oranger than expected but looks good. I designed the scarf from the hat pattern.

Then I finally found a pattern I liked for the Noro Silk Garden yarn I had bought when I was looking for the silky merino and decided not to use for that sweater. I am really pleased with the short sleeved cardigan even though there are only about two days a year that are right to wear it. Today was one. Thanks to a weekend train trip to New York, a flight to Texas, and a two day off-site meeting where I could knit while listening to presentations (honestly - less rude and distracting than checking a Blackberry constantly!), and the fact that it was mostly stockinette stitch, I finished in three weeks.


HEB said...

Emily's hat and scarf are fantastic (and even more so in person!). I was amused to figure out that it was a pattern that I had knit this fall, but in thinner yarn. I really enjoy how the bulkier yarn looks in this pattern!

And the striping on the Noro sweater is great. I can imagine that was lots of fun to knit.

HEB said...

Also, I think that the Noro sweater would work really well with a thin layering turtleneck under it (so you could wear it for more than just two days a year.)