Sunday, May 1, 2011

How I Miss You

 My mom sent me some pictures of the shawl I knit her for Christmas last year and I thought I'd show off how lovely it looks in action.  Thanks Mom!!

 Isn't she elegant?

Just right for a Texas lady.

And then here's an "action shot" of my new cowl.  Knit with many Plucky fingering weight yarn, it has carried me from February to March with only a light jacket.  Snuggly warm cowl, I heart you!

Check out the iconic doubledecker bus in the background! (Oh, and like, Big Bend or something, whatevs.)

This is just a picture of ponies.  Semi-wild ponies living along the Welsh coast. When can I go back?


HEB said...

Your mother really wears that shawl well! As you do your cowl. Initially, I was a little depressed that you only had 2 months of wear during the winter, but then realized that it didn't exist in November. I'm hopeful you'll get at least 4 months next year.

megan said...

Wow, those wild ponies are SWEET!!!

Elizabeth said...

You know, I did wear it in April too. Just not every day.

Susan Lesley said...

We have wild goats here in North Wales too!