Sunday, September 25, 2011

if you get an invitation

You'd think that I've now been knitting long enough to learn how to set realistic goals for my knitting. Clearly not.

What unrealistic goals are you all working on? And is my unrealistic goal enough of an excuse to ask to knit during my office's staff meeting? (The last question was rhetorical, but the first one was genuine. I know I pay better attention when I knit, but I don't think others really believe this.)


Elizabeth said...

Ooh, I like that picture! I think all of my knitting = unrealistic goals. Especially because once I start knitting and enjoying it, the goals pile up.

"After I finish this, I'll knit an X and a Y and..." is a common thought.

Even getting excited about knitting one particular project gets me excited about others.

For concrete examples: see the plan to knit a baby hat and sweater for both two babies this fall/winter. I have knit two hats (for one baby.) I have idealistic plans (let's not say unrealistic yet) for one sweater.

Adding sewing to the mix hasn't really helped either, especially since I haven't figured out how to sew weekday evenings.

Wow, what a complainy comment to your post. Thanks for asking?

Churchma said...

I don't allow myself to knit at routine meetings at work, but I've given myself permission to knit at off-site retreats and all-day meetings. My knittng is famous at work. I gave a speech at a grants oversight conference laying out a long analogy between knitting and grants management. The agency later videotaped it and a transcript of the presentation was featured in our employee newsletter, and then in the Secretary of Transportations daily blog on our intranet site. Knittig DOES improve concentration when you're listenng!

Elizabeth said...

Hold the phone, Ray LaHood called out your knitting analogy in his blog?!!! That is AWESOME. Best EVER.

Churchma said...

I have to confess it wasn't on LaHood's blog on the Public site - just the internal DOT employee website - and I doubt the Secretary himself ever saw it (in fact, even his public blog is almost certainly ghostwritten - though he probably knows what's on that one!)