Thursday, September 27, 2007

Concentric "Squares"

This is a project that had me doing a lot of math at the start. I had three totally different kinds of yarn (Debbie Bliss: inner blue, silk; Alacama: middle, variegated purple, wool; Blue Sky Cotton: outer, orange, cotton), all rather different weights and textures. The colors seemed to call to one another as they lay on my yarn stash, and I decided that I liked the idea of bold, contrasting patterns in an ordinary shaped piece of knitting.

I now know how to pickup stitches, which is a good skill to have, though I wouldn't call myself a stitch picker-uper extraordinaire.

Maybe I'll be able to finish during Grey's Anatomy! (Which doesn't air until 9 Pacific Time?! Oh dear.)


HEB said...

This is really pretty and your picked-up stitches look excellent! Remind me, is there a designated purpose for this blanket or is it just for its loveliness?

You know what they say, live too long in the central time zone and you grow soft.

CH said...

Well done, Wamps!

I'm a big fan of the contrasting colors...nice use of the stash.

Elizabeth said...

Aww, thanks kids! The vague notion I have for a purpose for this piece is a "blanket." But like, a very small, lap blanket. I'm going to give it to my grandfather!

HEB: thanks for the comment on the picked stitches. It...was a little intimidating in my head, but not that difficult once I did it.