Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Tea Cozy of Fame

I've realized that none (or almost none) of you saw the much-bragged-about tea cozy since I finished it minutes before having to wrap and present it. So here it is: my most successful design yet. It wasn't really my own design; I based it off of the tea cozy pattern in S'n'B. But I did figure out the intarsia myself (including teaching myself cursive so that I could graph it) and figured out a knit lining (pink seed stitch), too, so I'm pretty darn proud. Yes, even though I finished it in July, I am still pretty darn proud. For those of you who care about such things, the yarn is Cascade 220.


Valerie said...

I can personally attest that this is one of the best presents I have ever gotten! Knitted superbly, keeps the tea pot nice and warm... everyone admires it!! Thanks, Hannah!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I remained stunned by the intarsia work here.

After my attempt at putting words in knitting ended up with backwards and upside down block letters, I vowed that that would be the end for me.

This tea cozy is encouraging me to rethink that vow.

andrea Benton said...

Geez, I just have to say that you guys are making me so jealous! Maybe someday ten years from now I will get to knit again... Until then I will live vicariously through you!