Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Welcome to Knitters UNITE, the blog I just made after reading an email of Hannah's.

It is known to perhaps a select few that I've attempted the blogging thing in a number of arenas. None were particularly successful, but oh my goodness, do I think this will be different. Knitting and blogs are meant to be together, uniting people across far distances, getting updates on work and help when problems and questions emerge, and just general consolation when a project is taking forever and a day.

Yay virtual knitting circle!

The title and just about everything else on the blog can be changed. The web address however, is not. It would be ridiculously easy to open a new blog, however, if for some unknowable reason, people don't like southsideknitting.blogspot.com


HEB said...

I think we should all just take a moment and think about how awesome Wamper is.

Valerie said...

Yay Wamper!! Can you make it so we all can post entries? Then we can all post photos of the things we're making.