Sunday, September 7, 2008

last wedding of the summer

You all are getting three posts today because my apartment doesn't have internet yet, so I'm sitting in a Starbucks slowly downloading stuff for work and I might as well post about my latest knitting adventures. And most of my knitting adventures this summer have been related to weddings. Here's the final one, along with the bride who inspired it. (Sorry for the overexposure of the picture, I didn't have time to actually photograph it before gifting it and then took this one in a rush.) In case you aren't used to looking at blobs of yarn and figuring out what they are, I'll just tell you that it is a replica of my friend's wedding cake. Her wedding was a couple of weekends ago in California but she just had her east coast reception yesterday. So this is an off-white layer cake with a cascade of berries and curls of orange peel. Uh huh. I must say, however, that I fully believe that my friend's delight in the replica was not completely caused by the excellent mojitos at her reception. I had guessed that no one would love a knit wedding cake as much as she would, and her reaction proved me right. (EW may wonder how the yarn that she helped me pick out at Habu in NYC ended up looking like it does. In the end, I decided that realistic was not going to be possible, and paired that yarn with other, thicker yarn, to go for the over-the-top effect.)

It's probably time to start knitting for Christmas, isn't it?

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