Sunday, September 21, 2008

Swatching (opinions requested!)

Two things: a request for opinions and a little preview of a project that I'll finish in a thousand million (or, billion, as we say in the US)* years or so.

First, which swatch should a cowl-like object look more like? The one on top is single stranded in my lovely Addi Turbos, and the other is double stranded one size up. I'm a little unsure, because while I think I generally like the look of the second, I worry it will be too heavy for a cowl and will end up being an unattractive ring instead of a prettily flowing bit of fabric. I'm thinking about this Veronique pattern.

I should also mention that the second is much closer to the recommended gauge, but it looks thicker than the pictures...and it's certainly the kind of project where it'd be easy to add on some extra repeats. Thoughts?

The second is just a picture of my sweater swatch and a glimpse of progress so far. I'm up to the lace on the first piece! Except, I just noticed that my lace pattern thus far seems to differ from my swatch. Interesting.....

*I recently learned that one billion is not a constant. In the US, it means: 1,000,000,000. But in other countries, that's only one thousand million. One billion is 1,000,000,000,000. Can you even deal?

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HEB said...

ooooh, Miss Marianne is beautiful! By itself, I think I prefer the second swatch, but I think drape is pretty important in a cowl, so that might push me more towards the first. Also, what weather will it be worn in? If it's going to be CA weather, I'd stick with the first.

Kudos to you for swatching for a cowl, however. And that's not, by any chance, the Veronique cowl, is it? (wink)

The lace on your top is beautiful! It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks to me like it may work out the same. (At first, I thought that you were one stitch off on the first row of the second pattern repeat, but further inspection suggests otherwise.) (And yes, I'm sure it's not actually a pattern repeat, but I don't know how else to describe that.)