Sunday, September 21, 2008

coach class cozy

You all may recognize this yarn as the same yarn that made the ill-fated tank top. After I finished the to-be-frogged version of that tank, I used some of the leftover yarn to make this little neck-warmer. I loved knitting with that yarn so much that finishing it made me sad, so I had to start some thing else immediately. (The yarn was, after all, my graduation gift to myself, so I should at least get two projects out of it, right? And I will, once I manage to finish v.2 of that tank, which had to take a backseat to all the wedding knitting.)
The pattern is the Bainbridge Scarf, modified as suggested by Flint Knits. I found both the pattern and the mods to be brilliant, and will definitely try this again (probably both in original and modified form).

I didn't bother with gauge, so it's probably shorter than it should be, but it's still quite warm and functional so I'm not going to complain. I think it may become a permanent part of my travel carry-on, since it's tiny when folded but kept my neck warm so that I could sleep.


Elizabeth said...

Nice button!

That yarn is really really pretty too, so I'm glad you have a little something made out of it while your tank is in transition.

kzwick said...

wow - this is really cool.