Sunday, February 22, 2009

Captain, my Captain!

HEB did manage to find some yarn to reknit her second glove, so I feel like I can post about mine without being too much of a jerk. (Though, sympathy for the missing glove and having to reknit the thing still remain in my heart!)

Knotty Gloves, in Plucky Merino Cashmere Nylon, colorway Captain Wentworth

Out here in "Drive to Snow" California, there really isn't a need for heavy duty hand gear. However, there are a few times where handwarmers make it clear why they are not called finger-warmers.

Hence, gloves. They make me pretty happy, though there haven't been many times I've really been able to justify wearing them, especially this relatively warm winter. People complained once when it rained for three days straight, and sure it's annoying, but dudes, at least it wasn't below freezing for three weeks straight.

BUT back to knitting!

This picture shows a more real-to-life color of the yarn.

A note on the color: Captain Wentworth is a character from Persuasian, as I'm sure we all realized. So, I took the opportunity to watch the three movie versions of that book that were available on netflix over the course of knitting these gloves. (And I wonder why I'm not farther along on my thesis...) I must say that overall, I think the production from the 90s was the best. I was quite surprised to find that the most recent BBC production totally changed one of the crucial scenes--I'm never quite sure what compells screen writers to do that, but then, it's unclear why we needed a new version at all. The Captain Wentworth in my mind will always be the slightly weather-beaten faced, elegant and reserved man from the 1995 version.


HEB said...

These are super beautiful and as dignified as their namesake. (Well, as dignified as he turned out to be. There were some less dignified shenanigans when he was courting Louisa, weren't there?) Way to be, Wamps!

Churchma said...

I love the cables. What a perfect design. And all those fingers! I find socks quite challenging enough with one toe to join. I did mittens years ago - so maybe I'll find my way to gloves next year.