Wednesday, February 18, 2009

at least we'll always have Chicago

I had a different title planned for this post. I was going to write about how I took EW's advice and took these gloves along on the plane to finish them (and motivated myself by not bringing any other gloves/mittens along to wear in Chicago). And then I was going to write about how the flight attendant said to me, "Miss, that looks sharp!" while I was sewing in ends, prompting me to fear that he would take my needle away until he clarified that he meant that my glove was good-looking. Which then led to the man sitting next to me telling me that they were very elegant and I could wear them with an evening gown. (He was from Vermont.)

So that was my plan. Plus pictures of the gloves by Lake Michigan, thanks to CH. But I can't pull it off anymore. Because, as I went to put on my gloves leaving the office today, I could only find one in my purse. No big deal, right? The other one must be in my car, left there as I rushed into my 4 pm meeting (only 50 minutes late, after another meeting ran long and my 45 mile drive was slowed by snow). Not being in my car meant that it must be in my office, under some pile of papers that I'd lugged between meetings. Right? Right?

Well, at least I got to wear them for a lovely long weekend in Chicago. I also thought that I had enough extra yarn to make another glove, but it turns out that I'm about 10 grams short. So I'm begging on Ravelry for some of the same color, but don't plan on holding my breath. I guess not having the extra yarn means that I don't have to decide whether I'm too careless to own handknit gloves (losing one within a week of completing them?!?). That was my first inclination, but then I remembered how cute they were with my tretta hat

Here are the deets: improvised glove pattern based on Grumperina's tretta hat, using Plucky Knitter MCN Fingering in Golightly.

I'm trying to remind myself of an earlier inspirational blog story of knitting lost and knitting found, and am trying to remind myself that it's only yarn, but can't lie: I'm discouraged nonetheless.


Elizabeth said...


CH said...

OH NO, OH NO, OH NO! So sad.

kzwick said...

That face doesn't even begin to cut it.

That is one of the saddest things I've heard in a long time. Not that this will make you feel better, but I recently left a mitten at Fairway. I was confident I would get it back because I was sure I lost it in the store. They called me to tell me they had it, but when I went to get it, they couldn't find it. This was heartbreaking enough, and those were (a) mittens, ergo easier, and (b) very old. I will hold out hope that your glove will turn up, but in the spirit of lost handmade hand wear, maybe I should try again to recover my mitten. Such a sad sad story. I'm sorry!