Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is my Metro vest - lost and found.

I started this vest on our trip to Scotland/England last spring, but when I was over half finished with the back, last I left my bag in the Metro one morning in June (along with my Blackberry, a confidential grant proposal, and a $4000 tax refund check). Of course I was most upset about the knitting! I reported to Lost and Found but gave it up for lost when I got no response and replaced everything, including buying new yarn for the sweater, which I had become attached to. On the thirtieth day I decided to call, despite the message they had sent when I filed the Lost report, saying don't call us, we'll call you if we find it. They said they had sent me an email 4 days after I lost it, but I never received it. My bag and I were joyfully reunited, but I didn't resume work on the vest until after the county fair projects were complete. This was much easier and faster than the Ladybug sweater, because there were never more than two colors in a row, the yarn was heavier, and the pattern was repeated and symmetrical. If anyone really loves it, I have enough yarn for another!


HEB said...

A remarkable story-- which sounds like it needs to be published in some form for Metro riders everywhere-- and an even more remarkable vest! Next year's state fair entry, perhaps?

Elizabeth said...

That is a really happy story! I lost a freshly knit hat on a CTA bus once....never did see it again, and while I'll admit I bought replacement yarn almost immediately, I never got up the enthusiasm to knit another. Alas!