Sunday, November 16, 2008

Miss Marianne

What once was a pile of string..... now a beautiful thing!

Ok, sorry, couldn't resist. I am rather happy with how this lovely cowl turned out.

I really enjoyed knitting with this pattern–it was easy to remember, easy to pick up in the middle of a row or repeat (crucial for transit knitting) and, perhaps most importantly, look how pretty! The color variation in the yarn (Miss Marianne Dashwood, from the Plucky Knitter) really looks lovely in the finished, blocked version. Soon it will be off to its recipient, who will hopefully enjoy a little Marianne in her life.


HEB said...

Hot diggity! It is pretty enough that I'll excuse the rhyme. But let's have a haiku next time, okay?

Elizabeth said...

Inspired by her,
Marianne Dashwood smiles,
and speaks: "Pretty cowl!"

Churchma said...

Love the yarn!

I need blog help! Since the election post, I haven't been able to view anything posted before that (or even the end of that one). I've lost the view of dates and the index of topics. Any idea from the blogging wizards on how I can get my full view back?

Thanks for your help! You can email me at

Elizabeth said...

You solved it! I'd noticed that the blog looked funny in Internet Explorer (which I rarely use and so only recently noticed) though not in Mozilla Firefox.

I took the election post off and it seems to look alright now.

I wonder if it was the non-knitting nature of that post that made it throw everything out of wack? Hmmm.