Friday, November 28, 2008

"realistic just means not very pretty"**

I'm taking the excuse of being at home to post about my mom's birthday present. You've already seen it in various forms, but here's the finished product.The pattern is the Old Shale Smoke Ring and it's knit in Plucky Knitter Merino-Cashmere-Nylon. The yarn is from the PK yarn club, to which EW and I share a subscription. (This offers us the opportunity to fight over who gets to keep what yarn every month. Really a good idea all around. But it also lets us get beautiful yarn.) This particular yarn is the Colonel Brandon colorway, from the months that the club was featuring Jane Austen colorways. I received this yarn while studying for the bar from home this summer and wasn't in love with it right away, but when I was talking about sending it to EW, my mom said, "Oh, but it's so pretty!" Well, that decided that, and EW got Miss Marianne instead. (Which clearly turned out for the best.) And I grew to love this yarn, with its variation and depth that were not immediately apparent: highly appropriate given its namesake.

I got the idea to add an Elk brooch to the cowl from a Raveler who'd used such a brooch to good effect. Although I thought I'd ordered it in plenty of time, coming from Australia took even longer than I thought so it didn't show up until the day before my mom's birthday and the whole package was delayed getting to her. I could have sent it without, but didn't think the effect was quite as good: ** Declaration by my five-year old cousin. She was coloring turkey shapes with her twin brother and asked whose was better. I said, "Well, they're both good in different ways. Yours is much more of a fantasy and his is much more realistic."


Elizabeth said...

I am intrigued by the gap in the cowl--does the bird clip it together? Also, Col Brandon! *hearts*!!

HEB said...

Wamps, I'm not quite sure what you mean by a gap in the cowl. It was just a lace tube. So there are some gaps, yes, because of the lace pattern, but no gap in particular. Explain, please!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I must have already not been sleeping much on Dec. 4th.

There is some light reflecting off the bird pin that I thought looked like a gap and then later the top of the cowl is turned down but I decided to see that as a layering effect.

Now that I look again, I see I was wrong. Whoops!