Tuesday, November 11, 2008

all inside out

I've knit a couple of things inside out lately. The first one was by accident. This is what it was supposed to look like.But the more I knit, the more I liked the reverse side better.

So I turned it inside out before gifting it (belatedly to Andrea to go with her new Orla bag).
The second one was on purpose. As I was working on converting a stitch pattern from straight needles to circulars, I realized that knitting the reverse side would allow me to knit much more than purl. And since that's a trade that I'll always take, reverse side knitting it is! Here's what that looks like:
You'll have to wait to see what this looks like when it's turned inside out since it's not ready to be gifted yet.


Valerie said...

i love the gift for andrea. which orla bag does it go with??

Elizabeth said...

Mmmmmmm. I also must admit that in addition to how pretty your inside out knitting is, I love the subversive nature of it. Take that knitting norms!

HEB said...

VALF: Her orla bag is the new stem print bag, with the dark brown background.

Wamps: Subversive knitting!