Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homework is for people without knitting blogs

Plucky Merino Cashmere Nylon, colorway: Hear Me Now*

Tonight I wound up my birthday yarn instead of doing reading. (Nostepinne = such fun!) I had some thoughts for what I could do with this beauty. I would love to hear your thoughts or recommendations!

Yarn on the Nostepinne.

The options I was considering tonight include Grumperina's new Mother of Pearl scarf (rav link) and the Point's Claudette Hat (rav link only, sorry!).

The scarf:
Pro: I was checking my google reader just before class today and thus spent the boring part of econ thinking about this pattern. That's got to mean something.
Pro: The colorway totally fits the idea of the pattern! It's not the pinky white kind of mother of pearl, but it's shimmery and ocean-like all the same. While I would normally hear "brown and green" and think forest, this yarn has hints of turquoise and greyish green that really says "ocean forest" to me.
Pro: I was thinking today that I love how scarves drape and flow and get tossed over one's shoulder.
Pro: Grumperina's patterns are always nice, and (so it seems) are good with plucky yarn.
Con: The pattern calls for 600 yards of DK, and I have just less than 400 yards of fingering. I was thinking how I love long scarves!

The hat:
Pro: I mean, take a look. Freaking cute!
Con: Do I have enough yarn? Is this fingering the same as what the pattern calls for? (It seems much thicker to me!)
Con (secret pro): This is a pattern I could see myself making with other yarn and being perfectly happy.

Ok, so maybe the hat isn't really a contender. (Except, the yarn would look lovely in that pattern, I'm sure of it!) But despite my list of mostly pros, I'm not totally sold on the scarf for the yarn. What to do?

*Elizabeth's autoresponse: I WILL ALWAYS COME FOR YOU! *swoon*
**Picture totally stolen from ravelry--I'll take it down if anyone wants.


HEB said...

My guess is, given how excited you sound about the scarf, that you've already cast on and started. And I think that's how it should be. Yarn that beautiful deserves a pattern that excites you that much, even if you have to modify it a little to make it work.

If it turns out not to be the best possible pattern for that yarn, I just recently came across this one which might be lovely and has a yarn requirement slightly closer to what you have:
(you could make it slightly less wide to save length, or make it shorter as the pattern results in an 8 foot scarf, which I think is a little ridiculous)

PS: I have lo-lo-lo-lo-loved that hat ever since I saw it on the Subway Knitter's blog ( I really wish that the pattern were available online so that we could have a blog KAL. Hopefully, next time I'm in NYC, I will remember to get a copy! Let me know if you want one, too!

Elizabeth said...

Ha. You are not wrong. However, the chart got me confused and so I'm going to have to take it out and start over. I wasn't very far in though, so it's cool. We'll see how it looks, but I was totally contemplating that foggy seas pattern as well. It seems like it'd be a bit easier to memorize too, which would be an advantage.

I think a KAL of that hat would be perfect. And doesn't plucky fingering seem like just the thing? Yes=yes.

Anonymous said...
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