Saturday, June 21, 2008

Christmas in June

I've moved on to experimenting with changing colors, and making non-rectangles. You know you want to click read more...

Well, i picked up a big thing of maroon and green yarn. Christmas colors. the first thing i attempted to make was a decent length ripple scarf. by far the longest starting chain i have ever made. i was starting to get the ripple effect going but i think my starting chain or first row was a bit too tight because it ended up rippling into a rainbo
w rather than a straight line. if you tug on it, you can make it look sorta right, but i decided to abandon it and leave it as a rainbow.

so next, i decided to attempt the star baby blanket. well i got through a number of rows, but then i realized who really wants a star shaped baby blanket, so of course, i abandoned that project as well. although i do now have a star to tack on to a big christmas tree or at least a star shaped coaster.
i am now taking suggestions on the next thing i should attempt and then abandon. preferably things that are not humongous (like baby stuff). choose here.