Tuesday, November 27, 2012

where the moon sits low

(fair warning: This post is mostly stuff that you've seen before.)

I was delighted to learn in the last few days that last winter's oversized sweater now fits much better (and even more delighted since its recipient is still quite delighted by "hop hops" even if she does call them bunnies now).  (H: M, what are you thankful for?  M: Bunnies!  But you cannot pet a bunny.  You can only watch them go hippity hop.)
While obtaining photographic proof of this, I felt vaguely reminiscent.  Where had I seen that same expression in a handknit before?   
Well, I suppose they are siblings, and in this picture, he's only a few months older than she is currently.

 And here's the only new addition: a cocoon for someone who may someday sport the same smile:
I was a little skeptical of this cocoon, and its associated pod (pattern at same link), but they were incredibly quick knits so I was happy to oblige my sister-in-law's request for them.  And they do actually seem like they have been super useful for a little one who likes to be cozy and warm.  They also gave me a chance to try out Plucky Bulky, which was pretty great.

Since I have actually been knitting quite a bit, I hope to have time to blog about more of it in the near future.  (I suppose it would help too if I finished a few things, since I've had a lot of knitting go into two still-unfinished objects.)  Anyone have brilliant knitting plans before the New Year?