Thursday, June 1, 2017

me made May 2017 (29 May to 31 May)

As I found that I had pretty easily met my me made May goal (wearing two different me-mades each week in May), I decided to wear one me-made each day for the last 3 days of the month.

On 29 May, the weather cooperated and I was able to wear my Tamarack jacket.  On 30 May, it was a knit Linden (of course).  And on 31 May, I wore my Nani Iro brushed cotton Fen top for the first time in months.

Clearly, me made May has shown me that, right now, I would wear as many stretchy knit tops as I could sew.  But I'm entering June with an excitement to finish up some me-mades that only need a little bit of attention to become wearable.  My first Fen dress, for example, really just needs me to chop off the sleeves to become a totally wearable dress rather than sitting in a sewing basket.  I have a knit Scout tee that similarly requires only a little time to go from WIP to wearable.  And I have a simple raglan pullover that is just missing one elbow length sleeve.  I'm not sure why any of these have lingered as long as they have, except that I put them aside for something shiny and exciting.  Yet in a month where I expect to count crafting time in minutes rather than hours-- so starting a new project would be foolhardy-- the possibility of completing even one of these projects makes me super happy.  This year, that may be what me made May has left me with: a reminder that I'm happiest when I'm wearing something that I've made, imperfections and all, and a renewed energy to try to carve out time to add to my me-made wardrobe.