Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Regrouping (aka, Yeah, Actually, We Can.)

So it turns out I didn't have the heart to totally frog my Obama Yarn Hat. It was so pretty! And it was fun to make. And I didn't want to relegate it to socks. I took out the ribbing and then laboriously put each stitch back on a needle. There was much re-knitting of stitches. I don't recommend it. Instead...

Unknitting! Did you know, one can knit backwards, i.e. unknit, and it is just as easy as knitting!!! Ok, maybe you all did, since it was in the Stitch 'N Bitch I finally bought, but it was not in the 25 cent booklet from the 50s which taught me my fine knitting skillz, and therefore I have only just discovered it. It's like learning how to BREATH. (i.e. AMAZING.) Anyways--check out me in my Obama Hat!! Yay Obama!!

Also worthy of happiness is the yarn I bought for super sale at my LYS. I was having a crap day, the store sent an email about the sale, QED: new yarn! The large bag is a really cool pinkish tweed (that did not photograph well here) that I hope to make into a sweater. It's unclear what kind of sweater though, since apparently I'm a ridiculously loose knitter and can knit on number 3 needles the gauge the pattern calls for in number 5s. This would be fine, except the pattern also calls for knitting on 3s and 0s, and I have no interest in knitting on a needle that is smaller than 0, even if that is humanely possible.


HEB said...

yay! Yes, we can look cute in a tam! I'm so happy that the tam survived! I would have missed it horribly.

As a fellow member of the loose knitting club, I totally understand your dilemma. If you come up with a solution, be sure to share it with the rest of us, okay?

RJW said...

The audacious hat looks great on you and I like calling it the barama better than a tam. How a floppy hat became a tam I will never understand.