Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scary, Sad Sea Creatures

Hello lovely knitting and crocheting people!

I have updates suddenly piling up and need to take pictures to share them with you, but in the meantime, here is a new friend, Mr. Ancient Sea Creature, yay!

I started making him as a belated birthday present for my sister (he's a nautie, and was one of the first patterns that I bookmarked for myself after I discovered
I've had this guy finished for a while, but I wanted to make him a buddy (wouldn't want to be the only nautie in the house, after all) and maybe a trilobite friend, but the second nautie was boring and black and the strands of shiny yarn I added just made him thicker and harder to work with.

I still plan on making a second friend, but there is so much knitting to be done, and so little time before school starts up again, alas!

In the meantime, a new online knitting magazine Twist Collective will create further distractions. It's probably the best knitting website I've ever seen. Gorgeous photos and a really functional layout. (I hate when magazine-like websites try to look like something on paper. So frustrating, and so not the point. This site has some really excellent programmers. I hate to say it, but they're probably mac users.)

More to the point, I seriously want to make all of the "That Girl" sweaters, as well as several of the Forest Fairy ones. Also, socks in cute shoes. I want it to happen.

All from me for now--I'll get pictures soon and post about my new knitting joy: Magic Loop!

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HEB said...

This little guy is seriously cute! And not just cute in a "aren't most knit stuffed animals cute?" way. I need to get to work on some knit stuffed animals. They are such good gifts....

I too found the Twist Collective pretty endearing and found that there were multiple sweaters that seemed pretty compelling to me. I think my favorite, though, might be the faux bois scarf and mittens. If only my to-knit list were shorter!