Saturday, October 4, 2008

iPod Cozy!

I knit this over the summer right after I learned how to do magic loop, so it was knit all in one piece which was pretty exciting. Left over Noro wins!

It then took me ages to figure out how to felt it (in the sink rubbing it between gloved hands--the washing machine method didn't work at all). And then it was simply a matter of finding some velcro and securing it with a needle a thread. That was actually the most difficult part, since the needle became rather sticky with the adhesive on the back of the velcro and it was rather ridiculous.

Still, I'm pretty happy about how this turned out. Now I just need to figure out how to knit one with a hole in the middle for the old fashioned iPods.


HEB said...

Super cute! I'm interested in why the washing machine method didn't work, however. I've never heard of that. (In all my oh-so-extensive felting experience.)

Elizabeth said...

Possibly because I'm too conscious of my water usage in this semi-arid desert I live in and I put the cozy in with a load of laundry, and to prevent fuzz from covering my clothes, put it inside a pillow case.

I think a tennis ball inside the pillow case might have helped? Maybe?